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The sweetest of sweet escapes

Lampshade Parade has excitedly taken delivery of assorted bolts of beautiful fabrics to transport you somewhere dreamy.

This latest collection is entitled ‘Sweet Escape’ and we love its youthfulness and idealism. It makes us feel young and irresponsible. It makes us want to redecorate. It makes us want to eat strawberries. And, it makes us want to ride a bike with a basket.

We’re enchanted by this Swans lampshade from the Sweet Escape collection. It is bold and surreal in it’s mirror image artwork and that’s probably why it was featured in Mollie Makes magazine too!




Next up is Sweet Escape Floral that features songbirds and strawberries and a scattering of magic. Can you find the key? We love this lampshade for it’s completely relevant retro tones and glorious detail that would add intrigue to any room.



Sweet Escape Strawberries is a terrific combination of tumbling clover, dandelions and strawberries afloat in the breeze. We love this careless, spirited lampshade with all our might.



Sweet Escape Balloons with it’s hyperreal palette and teeny tiny clouds, birds and fluttering ribbons has got it all. No wonder it’s one of our most popular Sweet Escapes and with good reason.



Sweet Escape Landscape is another fine example of the spirit of this collection. There is so much to be found in this stunning print. It makes for a beautiful, more muted lampshade option but it’s anything but conservative. It includes a nod to many of the elements that make the other lampshades so special.




Sweet Escape Bikes is joyful and simply brimming over with flower laden bikes. We love the juxtaposition of the cool, secretive navy against the life and energy of the bustling bikes.



The hardest part will be deciding which design for which room.

What’s your sweet escape?

As always we’re here to answer all your questions and we love seeing your lampshades in their new homes.